Fish (Noir) Experiments.

These are from two years ago, but since I’m heading to the same location, having planned around the position of the sun and the stage of the tide to try to reshoot with a polarising lens to cut glare, I thought it was worth putting them up for a comparison.

Planet Serenghetto

The final proof of concept for my Little Planet production process. This is the image where everything clicked into place – camera, panoramic mount, and stitching software. Shooting before dawn in this location yielded a number of images. The other major finished piece – Dawn at The Serenghetto Waterhole, was entered into the Head-On photo competition.

planet roundabout

My first attempt at a little planet shot with my Nikon D800 and 60mm lens. 142 images total went into stitching this together. This is a proof of concept – as you can see the flare in the lens to the right hand side. I’ll control for that in future

Elephant Teapot

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Dissent was an entry for Sculpture By The Sea Bondi 2014. It was accepted for the exhibition, but unfortunately I was unable to secure funding to cover the estimated $15,000 construction cost, and so I had to withdraw from the exhibition.

The work combines the pipe and valve material language of my steel sculpture, with the massing and repetition of objects that is a part of my wall sculpture and photographic practice. It arrays a field of identical (but for one) anthropomorphised valve figures, whose arrangement creates dynamic moiré patterns as clear lines of sight through the work appear, shift, and then disappear.

My goal was to capture an experiential quality similar to that which I felt while standing amidst Antony Gormley’s A field for the Art Gallery of New South Wales. However, rather than the godlike delight one feels while standing within Gormley’s work, looking down at the upturned faces, and perhaps naive adoration from the figures, it is my intent for the viewer to experience something else – that precise moment for a person in power, at which the spell of obsequious conformity amongst countless supplicants is broken by a single dissenter returning their gaze.

The dissenter either proves us wrong, or forces us to be more right.

Surfing The Deathline – Third Dose

In the near future, homeless, unemployed software codemonkey Eddie has taken a job disrupting a machine intelligence, as a last ditch option to avoid having his organs brutally repossessed over his student debts.

To get the edge he needed, Eddie turned to a powerful neuro-enhancing hallucinogenic – The Deathline, so named for its tendency to kill users. It gave him the edge he needed, but in his triumph, he forgot to heed the warnings about visiting one’s own memory.

Now, he finds himself paralysed in what looks like a hospital room. He can do nothing, as the machine intelligence who ruined his life to this point, offers a terrible deal. Life in a prison of stone, or of his own flesh – a cure in return for his cooperation.

That is, until someone, and a great many somethings, open the door.

Meanwhile, Eddie’s ex-partner is testing her suspicions that her fiancé, their former employer, has been less than truthful about the circumstances surrounding Eddie’s firing. She isn’t liking what she finds.

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Surfing The Deathline – Second Dose

In the near future, homeless, unemployed software codemonkey Eddie has found himself up to his eyeballs in student debt, in a city whose promise has become a prison now that his bank account has run dry

His only chance to repay the people who’ll take organs in lieu of payment, is to obtain a neural-enhancing drug known as “The Deathline”. With it, he will have the edge necessary to subvert a machine intelligence for an anonymous, paying client.

In this issue, Eddie meets with The Dealer, who will reveal the awful truth about the origins of The ‘Line. He also provides some important safety advice, which Eddie promptly ignores.

Finally, Eddie is ready to commence his run, but as he begins, he discovers to his horror that the series of disasters which lead to his current predicament may not have been as random as he believed, and that perhaps, you can never go home again.

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Surfing The Deathline – First Dose

Sometime in the near future, software codemonkey Eddie is down to his last few dollars. Unemployed and living on, or rather under, the streets, he’s also facing “repossession” of his organs to cover student debts.

Now he’s been offered a job, a job that requires he risk his sanity taking an hallucinogen that’ll give him a chance at subverting a Machine Intelligence for a few critical minutes.

It’s called The Deathline, and he has to meet The Dealer to acquire it.

This EPUB version is available on the iTunes / iBooks Store, and can be read on Mac or iPad.

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BØN541 v2.0

BØN541 v2.0 was created for the University of Western Sydney Sculpture Award & Exhibition 2014. It’s constructed from computer motherboards, and braided stainless steel hosepipe over a stainless steel armature.

The work was supported with a material sponsorship by Convoluted Technology Pty Ltd, who supplied the braid.

This work has since been disassembled, and its materials recovered.


  • Computer motherboards
  • Stainless  & galvanised steel armatures
  • Stainless Steel braided hose
  • Brass plumbing fittings
  • Copper Wire

A dawn photo shoot: