flight 03

Medium: Photography

Size: 72x92cm (82×102 with matte)

Print: Epson archival inkjet print on Canson archival paper with a 5cm white matte. Open series unframed print, with price rising for each subsequent sale.


  1. Exhibition Print: Private collection.

Current Price: $402.50 + P&H

Subsequent Sale: $462.88 + P&H

3 Replies to “flight 03”

  1. Cool photo it’s one of my favorites, is the title explosion or gnawing? and did you intend for the wires to be directly linked to the heads to conjure images of mind control or brainwashing?

  2. Thanks for the comment :)

    The titles are pretty arbitrary, to be honest. The file was called “gnawing” because of the context of a sequential version of this gallery that had text annotations on the images.

    Your interpretation of the image is interesting. It’s not correct (insofar as an interpretation can be said to be right or wrong) to the context in which I was working. However, if that’s what you’re getting from it, it’s nice to see that there’s enough ambiguity to support alternate interpretations.

  3. update, the title has now been changed to reflect the exhibition title used when this work was part of the Nervous Spaces exhibition.

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