Cat Cuddle Cafe

Shooting at a Brisbane cat adoption organisation. Lesson learned – use a higher minimum shutter speed for auto-iso, or use shutter priority, and trust that the indoor conditions will stop the lens up to 2.8, which is the depth of field I was using for a lot of shots.

Cats can give some pretty arresting portraits, when they’re not attempting to crash their faces into the lens.



rainbow: enmore: sydneyAside from the rainbow landing on the roof (from this angle) of the college I was studying and working at, I could also say that’s where the unicorns live entirely on beans.

edge of the storm

edge of the storm: enmore: sydneyAnother bit of fun playing with silhouetted architecture and clouds.

If you rotate the image 90 deg clockwise, it kindof looks like one of those easter island faces in profile. Ahh peridolia, such fun. Next thing you know. it’ll be jesus in a sweat stain.

cloud surface

cloud surface: enmore: sydneyThe bougainvillaea branch sticking up on it;’s own, makes it look like the foregound is giving the storm the finger.

This is another of those reference / stock images I use in the comics for creating backgrounds. It looks like porridge.

rays of sunlight

rays of sunlight: enmore: sydneyCome on, how could a person not photograph this? Aside from the near perfect spread of light, what I really like about this is the way the centre of the cloudmass is bright and filled with defined structure.

It all looks a little too perfect.