2018 – Week 42

42, the most significant of numbers. A relatively quiet one – I had a VR demonstration on Wednesday, and then the first class in Drone design for the Drone Racing series.

I’ve also found an interesting building that might suit my purposes as a studio space, and place to park my share of my father’s estate. I might be able to afford it, with a small mortgage, that would be no larger than what I’m paying currently for storage.

2018 – Week 41

Another fairly quiet week, admin stuff, experimenting with Lego. The biggest event was a part of my Artist In Residence role – a meeting with people involved in this schools drone racing programme, for which I’m building the race gates.

I also spent a bunch of time trying to reconfigure my video setup with a Mac Mini and Bluray player to go to the one TV – a TV which doesn’t accept audio input from analog sources while HDMI video is active, so I had to find a device which adds audio to an HDMI stream, then plug that into an HDMI switchbox, so that everything could connect over the one cable to the TV.

2018 – Week 40

Well the Australia Council grant went in on Tuesday. The rest of the week is a bit of a blur in post grant-writing comedown.

Did some tidying, and sorted more Lego, for a photography project.

2018 – Week 39

A week of paperwork, applying for an Australia Council grant, to fund some serious structural welding, as well as rigging training, so that I never have to find myself in another situation like I was with Rent, where we didn’t have a rigger.

Also, the welding training should cover TIG welding, so I can hopefully get the training I tried to get through TAFE, but couldn’t, because my local campus are shoddy and unprofessional.

2018 – Week 38

This week I finished a little room upgrade, that’ll make my ability to shoot object photography a little more capable.

A 3m curtain rail, that I can use to hang a backdrop on, which when combined with the rolling workbenches I built, means I can set up an object photography / cyclorama system over my bed.

Other things this week, we had the prize-giving for the Immerse High VR filmmaking competition. The results were a great mark for representation, with both First and second places going to female students.

First Prize:

…by a young woman in Year 11.

Second Prize:

…by a girl in Year 7. Astounding camera work in this piece.

2018 – Week 37

…in a row?

Continuing to clear out and reorganise my storage space – getting to see and reconnect with all the stuff I’ve hoarded away, most of it for potential sculpture projects, it’s inspiring. Makes it all the worse that I have no studio space.

The job should almost be finished by the beginning of next week, however – all my stuff will be accessible, so that if I WANT to make things, I can.

The library asked me to guide a group of four people in exploring VR on Friday, continuing my ambassadorial role as the Artist In Residence for the library service. Eventually only one turned up, which made for a relaxed session.

Also, the VR filmmaking competition for which I’m a judge had its closing date extended by a week.

Closed the week with a night of making Japanese food, drinking Japanese beer & whiskey, and watching the despecialised version of Star Wars.

Han shot first. Han has always shot first.

2018 – Week 36

Another week continuing the features of the previous. More work done on these tables, though they’re more or less finished, another VR supervision at the Makerspace, and more time spent on arguments with the bureaucrats in companies, this time a credit card provider.

This is an interesting one, local banks here are charging “overseas transaction fees” on PayPal purchases, when PayPal has handled the international side of things, and issued a charge in local currency, from their local subsidiary. At the moment the case is with the Financial Industry Ombudsman’s Service, for which I had to put together a 24 page report with supporting documents etc.

All this for less than $4, which has already been refunded to me. Fighting fights because they have to be fought, even for no benefit on my part, seems to be a pattern in my life.

The week ended on a high note – Noosa Library Service has offered to formally extend my position of Artist In Residence indefinitely. It’s not a high paying gig, just a small stipend to cover my expenses, but it’s an appointment to a formal position, nonetheless.

2018 – Week 35

More VR stuff this week – guiding a few students through the equipment for this VR filmmaking contest. The biggest event for the week was checking out the new makerspace:

That section of wall between the windows, perfectly sized for C45C4D3.

Other than that, the project of the week has been getting the two long stacking benches I built, painted and finished off. I also spent a bit of time in my storage tank, continuing the cleanup and consolidation process. It’s slow progress, and with my knee choosing this exact time to start flaking out on me again, one that can only be done in small steps, but it’s getting done.

2018 – Week 34

A week of un-glamourous grunt work, that started with a wonderful chance to demo VR to a group of high school students, as a part of the Immerse High VR / AR film making competition.

It’s volunteer stuff, like a lot of the library makerspace stuff I’ve been doing, however it’s cementing my position as the Artist in Residence at the library, which is a huge kick for me.

The library also let me know they’re still interested in providing a permanent home for C45C4D3 – my gold circuit board sculpture, at the new Noosa makerspace which is in refurbishment at the moment.

The other major use of time this week, has been the continuing effort to reorganise my storage space. I bought a bunch of little dollies that are now strapped to the only sculpture that wasn’t on wheels. Now, I can move any of my heavy stuff around, easily and safely.

The week ended with a trip down to Brisbane, checking out all the eyewear stores at one of the big malls. Shopping for anything is difficult when you’re more or less defined by having some strong aesthetic opinions, because noone is ever going to make something that’s as much what you want, as you would design yourself.

2018 – Week 33

Well the new displays arrived. I ended up going with a pair of Benq SW240s, which are a 10bit (8+2FRC) display, with 14bit LUTs. In other words, they’re pretty accurate, and they’re pretty adjustable to be kept accurate. I’m waiting on a dedicated colour calibrator that’ll come with them as well.

Short version – they’re magnificent. From a visual perspective, and from a usability perspective. Physical buttons that aren’t on the outside edges, micro-fine bezels, they put out no heat. Really can’t say a bad word about them.

One quirk – connecting them via Display Port, they show up as 59 HZ NTSC. The solution was to connect one via the DVI port on my graphics card, and the other by a DVI cable, to a DVI -> Display Port adapter, and into one of the card’s Display Ports.

One thing I lost with the older Dell display, was the CF card reader it had. I’ve replaced that with a little USB version.

I also grabbed a little app called SwitchResX which is necessary to enable 10 bit colour output from the Mac.

The other major thing this week, was my continuing battle with utilities providers over my late father’s estate – the power company, which had previously used details obtained under the guise of “giving me access to his account”, to move the power billing into a new account in my name, then tried to remove his pensioner discounts from a bill covering time in which he was alive, on the grounds that they only honour pensioner concessions, if said pensioner is alive at the time the bill is issued. After suggesting it should be pro-rataed, they agreed, so the $491 power bill is reduced to $247.

I’d be stuffed if I was a grieving elderly partner, who didn’t usually handle the utilities bills.