2018 – Week 2

Week 2 was the worst week so far of the year. Ha.

It started with me waking up on Monday morning, feeling ill, and checking my email to see a new tripod I’d bought in the last couple of days of 2017 was waiting at the post offie. I drove over, picked it all up, and just had time to unbox and look at the new piece of kit, before I was floored by a catastrophic case of what I assume was some variety of Norovirus.

That was most of my week – trying to stay hydrated while being sicker, and feeling more wretched, than I can recall in recent memory.

By Sunday, I was up to playing around with divider configurations in my main camera bag, trying to figure out a way to fit my new travel tripod into it.

2018 – Week 1

So, the first post in an effort to ensure I write something every week, if for no other reason than to keep track of time across the year, similar to what I did with my ArtStart Diary posts.

Week 1 was a fairly quiet affair – I went to see local punk band The Chats play live in a little venue in Nambour. Had a lot of fun watching the weird combination of fashion choices the local kids are into now – some of them dress like baby-boomers did the 1980s. Saw a group of a dozen people, all wearing the same shoes.

On the Sunday, there was a trip up to Montville, and out to a creek for a bit of a picnic, though my knee wasn’t really up to the scrabbling over boulders part of it. We came back via the scenic route.

From the Blackall Range down to the sea.