2018 – Week 7

Another relatively quiet one – the big event being that I started my TIG welding course. Hopefully, as a result of this training, I’ll be able to make delicate welding projects, like under 10mm stainless steel armatures. With that, I’ll be able to start on a series of small, figurative sculptures I’ve been planning for a while now.

On the same day I was going to the welding class, I had the laughable misfortune to get my first taste of being the target of an internet troll. Having been part of a group decision to remove a member from a Facebook group, as a consequence of their use of abusive and libellous language towards another member, and having drawn the duty to announce that to the group, I then found my phone going nuts with notifications as this person found me on Twitter, and started sending abusive replies to dozens of my recent tweets. So,  after screenshotting everything, I blocked him, and he became a nonentity within my Twitter world.

Then, he started sending me abuse in Facebook Messenger, and commenting on Facebook, as my Tweet about this was crossposted there as a public post. The more the guy went on, the more unhinged, or at least mentally unwell, he seemed. So, I started deleting his comments to protect his reputation from himself, and then blocked him from commenting. He tried to rejoin the Facebook group a couple of times, so we just blocked him entirely.

A friend who saw the exchange noted that he lived only a stone’s throw away from him, found pictures of the guy from newspaper articles in a local paper, and made a prediction as to where he probably hung out, given the demographics and location involved.

Felt very Spook-y for a moment there.

Anyway, the welding course was OK – not the best organised theory session I’ve attended, but we’ll see what happens when the practical classes start. Driving back from Nambour, I was treated to an impressive lightning display, and the air, the whole way back, smelled of wood smoke. No rain, however.