Lamkin Lane Live

Lamkin Lane Live was a local project in Caloundra in which I held a small solo retrospective of older works, within a larger event.

Exhibited Works:

  • Etherwoman
  • Welded Metal 2
  • There?
  • Bronze 02
  • Bronze 01

Epic Diem 2015

Epic Diem was a local popculture convention where I exhibited, as well as participating in a talk.

Exhibited Works:

  • Surfing The Deathline 1 – 3
  • Blank
  • Surrender
  • Propaganda

UWS Sculpture Award & Exhibition 2014

BØN541 v2.0 was exhibited at the UWS campus in 2014, though sadly it met with a disaster after the exhibition had concluded – being knocked flat by wild weather, resulting in irreparable damage.

Exhibited Work:

  • BØN541 v2.0


A student exhibition for course participants at the Australian Centre for Photography.

Exhibited Works:

  • Fish Noir 12

NAS Graduate Show

At the National Art School end of year exhibition I had two pieces in the main show, and seven in the sculpture studio exhibition.

Exhibition photos.

Exhibited Works:

  • This?
  • That.
  • There.
  • There?
  • kØi
  • C45C4D3
  • BØN541
  • 4:7:3:6
  • Left Hand

We Love Art

The “We Love Art” fundraiser was held to raise funds for the St Vincent’s Campus Art Committee at St Vincent’s Hospital.

The exhibition was made up of small scale works, all sold unattributed, for a standard price of $250, eventually raising over $10,000 towards the refurbishment of the display space.

Exhibited Works:

  • Left Hand