Drone Racing Course

As a part of my role as Noosa Library Service’s Artist In Residence, I was called on to build an obstacle course for an indoor drone racing programme.

The people who were responsible for teaching the drone flight had specified a set of commercially-available flags, banner-gates and cubes which formed the obstacles themselves, and my job was to build the frames which held them.

Workspace at Noosaville Library
Ready to begin work.

The structures were built out of PVC pressure pipe, which is a useful material, in that it’s easily cut, can be glued together, but has a significant weakness – it flexes over distance, which was a problem for the cubestack, which tended to sag, given it’s flexing a lot of force through the joints at the base.

Work continues.
Work in Progress.

From the looks of things, I’ve build something that wasn’t widely commercially available before – a double cube stack obstacle.