2018 – Week 13

What a week…

I started on Tuesday by heading over to the local library, to check out their VR setup. After going through a makerspace induction, and playing a bit in the Steam Labs app to get a feel for the system, I did a bit of sketching in Tilt Brush of the tree sculpture for this play.

Wednesday and Thursday, the VR lab was booked, so I took the opportunity to get more work done on my tables, finally completing them on Friday.

Filling and cleanup to go, but done!

Saturday, I was awoken by a call I’d been expecting for a few days. My brother’s name on the caller ID was all I needed to see to know the content of the call – my father had passed away, after a fight with lung cancer. I’ll post more about that later.

I spent the rest of the day pottering around the house, filling holes in the tables, not doing much.

Sunday was the first day I took advantage of the after-hours access I had at the library, and spent the whole afternoon immersed in VR. I managed to get some serious work done, completely redrawing the tree for Rent. It was a satisfying affirmation of VR as a serious workspace, where a very different sort of mindset and physicality is a part of the creative process – it’s very body-thinky.