A large steel sculpture, consisting of a four-sided pyramid base, with two two sides empty, supporting a large valve, throgh which a corroded steel pipe projects.

This valve is neat, a clean example of industrial-strength control and protection. It supports a corroded pipe, which left in the elements will corrode further, until it is replaced by new sections which can begin the corrosion cycle anew. Looking through the pipe, the half-moon view created by the valve’s partially closed gate, occludes and frames whatever vista the work is oriented towards.

This work is a finalist in the 2012 University of Western Sydney Sculpture Award & Exhibition. The exhibition takes place from May 4th – June 3rd 2012.


  • Painted steel, raw steel & found object.
  • Dimensions h,w,d (approx): 1.6m, 3.4m, 0.8m.
  • For sale  $6000 + delivery.

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A corroded valve, suspended in a twisting form made of silver steel pipe, giving the impression of being liquid.
The flow of silvery liquid interrogating and investigating the valve that constricts it. Materials are painted steel, and a gate valve.


  • Painted steel, raw steel and found object.
  • Painted section is rustproofed & painted with Automotive paint
  • For sale $3500 +delivery

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A raw, corroded steed sculpture, featuring a right angle base formed f rom two C-Beams, with a curved pipe upright, topped by a large valve which appears to be causing the upright to wilt under its weight.

The third of my large scale valve works, There. is a combination of right angles and curves in raw steel with the patina of industrial use worn proudly.


  • Raw and painted steel
  • Dimensions h,w,d (approx): 1.7m, 1.2m, 1.3m,
  • For sale $2500 plus delivery.


A small corroded steel sculpture, featuring a base constructed of two C-Beams arranged in a right-angle. A cylindrical upright emerges from the end of one, at the end of which is a valve which appears to be causing the upright to wilt under its weight.

An attempt to create a smaller version of “There”, and tackle the problems of relative scale in the various components. When changing the scale of a sculpture, one has to take into account some fundamental issues to do with viewing angle, viewing distance, perceived weights etc.


  • Waxed steel & brass valve.
  • Dimensions h,w,d (approx): 29, 17, 14 cm.
  • For sale $150 + delivery.