2019 – Week 12

Monday, I was drenched during my bike ride, attempting to outrun a storm.

The Drenchening.

This storm, to be precise. Soon after taking this photo, the leading edge, with all its lightning was overtaking me. As I got onto the flat ground for the last 10 minutes to home, the rain started. By the time I pulled into the carport, I was wet to the skin.

After the storm, I went out to grab a few post-storm images by the river:

The middle of the week was mostly occupied with grant-writing.

Thursday & Friday saw guest artists brought in to my Noosa Mnemonic project. The first session for each was an introduction to the technology, and the application they’ll be working in. The goal is they’ll use next week to really get stuck in to work on their location, and hopefully join up with the Makerspace to finish their pieces off in their own time.