2019 – Week 23

I keep having these admin weeks, but so many things right now are in a transitional phase. I spent one afternoon at the library makerspace, overseeing some high school students who were working on their entries for this year’s Immerse High VR filmmaking contest.

I had to regretfully decide not to be a judge this year – there were too many entries, on too tight a schedule for me to judge it effectively to a standard that I would be happy to put my name behind. That the thing about having been a teacher, you get that need to assessments to be rigorous and falsifiable as a part of your core beliefs.

The final phase of dissolving & distributing my father’s estate is over, we still haven’t received a correct death certificate, but the solicitors handling his estate have closed the file, and washed their hands of us / thrown us under the bus.

But, it’s more or less over.

I’m going to look for a new dropship printing provider for photo prints – the last company with whom I was enquiring, seeme to have stopped responding to emails.

Went for a bike ride Sunday afternoon, and had a wildlife encounter: