2019 – Week 30

A clusterf*ck of a week, almost entirely spent on computer upgrades, and futzing around with trying to relink backups to upsized drives.

I bought a few interesting things that I’ve been thinking of for a while – IKEA finally have their USB to lightning cables in again, longer than Apple’s, just over half the price, and made of braided nylon, rather than Apple’s garbage splits-for-sure rubber. They say this trash fire rubber is environmentally more responsible, because it breaks down more easily, but you know what’s better? Never having to replace the cable at all.

Another thing I picked up, a mounting bracket for my Mac Pro’s second optical bay, which allows 2 SSDs to be mounted (steals the power / data from the optical drive, but no one uses one of those anyway.

The final purchase, more ram for the Mac Pro – in 2014, I bought 3x16gb sticks, at US$175 each. Nowadays, they’re US$35 each. This is the joy of “obsolete” tech.