2019 – Week 37

Some good news this week, with modifications to glasses I had wanted done getting an OK from the people doing them. I’m going to have two old pairs of frames restored, repainted, repaired and modified for just $360 – which is comparable to the cost of new frames.

Tuesday I spent on actually making stuff:

I was making a physical prototype for this camera plate I want to produce. The test piece worked really well, validating my ideas, and proving the viability of the design.

On Wednesday, it was down to Brisbane to visit various camera shops – to pick up another bit for my Japan trip setup, and to exchange a bag that had arrived pre-damaged, with one that was not.

Thursday was back into CAD for rebuilding models to reflect the lessons of the physical prototype.

Friday, my glasses arrived – and they’re magnificent. They look brand new, and the modifications I wanted to one pair, make them look like they should have from the start. I am better at designing glasses, than the designer who designed these glasses.

Sunday was a walk out through the national park, to test out some new gear. Saw dozens of whales passing, as well as one of our rare wild koalas.