2019 – Week 39

A bunch of medical stuff this week – I had my ears syringed, to clear out wax. Good lord, the amount of sound I’ve been missing out on – all the high end was missing. My keyboard is more clicky, everything’s clearer. Now using a nasal spray to try to clear my sinuses so that all the fluid that’s built up behind my eardrum will clear.

It’s literally been years this has been a problem.

Down to Brisbane this weekend, to do more last minute shopping for travel. I also got back on my bike again this weekend – there’s something very sinister happening in Noosa at the moment – trees everywhere are being removed, there’s lots of illegal land clearing in protected scrubland, that just so happens to sit across the road from vulgar McMansion construction sites.

The really big timesuch for this week, was an attempt to upgrade my computer’s operating system two versions to macOS Mojave. It was a debacle, with a major workflow I rely on, being broken in the previous version, such that I can’t use this newer system for a task I do most frequently.

So it’s back to the old system I go. Thankfully I had everything backed up, and I’ve mastered the art of reconnecting time machine backups.