2019 – Week 44

Japan Trip week 3!

Monday we travelled from Himejo to Tokyo, with a stop for lunch with a view of Mt Fuji. I ordered what I thought was miss-spelled ramen, to receive a bowl of cold noodle soup, with slices of apple, and ice cubes in it. Weird.

We wandered around Ginza that night, but the weather closed in a bit again.

Next day, we had all day to kill before catching the train to the airport, so we went for a wander to a large park, again in the rain, but on the way back a completely accidental spot down the road – the Nakagin Capsule Tower. I’ve read about it so many times, but forgot to make t an itinerary pilgrimage item. Absolutely the best bookend or a trip so filled with amazing sights.

That evening, we headed to the airport, and chilled in the Qantas lounge – where the loudest voices were Baby Boomers from Noosa talking about their property development, and rental yields. *facepalm* really was a good preparation for the culture shock of getting back to see how insane everything in Australia is, where we kill a 50 year old tree, to protect a 5 year old pavement.

I had a few days in Noosa, before heading back down to Brisbane for the weekend, to see the new Australian horror comedy Two Heads Creek, which was brilliant, and The Sisters of Mercy play live, which was not brilliant.