2020 – Week 17

New power supply for the welder was installed this week. I now have twin 15, and twin 10 amp plugs in my carport, so I can power up both my welders at the same time (or a welder and the air compressor for plasma cutting), which should let me switch back and forth between them without a powerdown cycle on either.

I also finally unpacked and assembled the air compressor.

The other thing I’ve been fooling around with this week, is Capture One Pro, as a replacement for Aperture, my current photography software.

Switching to it is going to require a pretty big change to my image storing and management setups, disentangling my iOS and DSLR images etc, BUT the quality of results it produces, are pretty spectacular. What’s especially interesting about it is how it automates a lot of tasks that are VERY fiddly and manual in my current software.

Here’s an out-of-camers, vs quick adjustment comparison. What’s remarkable is a function that removes white haloing around the edges of high contrast, which has bedevilled me in a lot of shots when trying to recover blown out skies etc.