2020 – Week 28

The great metal-cutting happened.

Twenty lengths of steel, measured and cut. Going to take a couple of days off to recover, but it reinforces how necessary the studio-in-a-box project will be to alleviate the setup / packdown time.

While chilling I took the opportunity to rework the EPUB of The Metaning, to pull out all the interactive functions, and make it a more standard fixed-layout book. I’m pretty happy with the result, it’s a little less 2013 in style, and includes details about the exhibition, which almost makes it an exhibition catalogue. It kinda makes me think I should make the big art book version as an EPUB as well.

Related to that was a need to recreate a couple of webpages from the Australian Comics Journal, one of which was an interview with me, which seemed to have disappeared from the internet, as the ACJ’s website no longer resolves. it’s amazing how difficult it is to convert a .webarchive from Safari, into a normal webpage.