Naoetsu Station, Joetsu.

Naoetsu Station skybridge, after leaving an intercity train to board a coastal village connection with the Echigo Tokimeki Railway Nihonkai-Hisui Line, on a single-car train to Itoigawa Staton in Omachi.

These amazing little trains were courtesy of typhoons, which had flooded the Shinkansen holding yards, and their new trains, servicing a leg of our journey.

Unazukionsen By Night, Pt. 2

There’s something to these house-at-night works that I’m still trying to settle my mind upon. It’s a tension between how utterly tranquil the image is, and the fact you’re viewing the outside of a house, in which someone is asleep, blissfully unaware of the photographer outside.

Takayama By Night

Takayama is a wonderful little town. There’s several blocks of historically frozen preserved buildings which are the main tourist draw. The alleyways, and commercial streets are a wonderful alternation of light and dark.