My sketchbook. An early WordPress theme attempt, based on categorising character sketches from a number of sketchbooks.

The best part of it is the header graphic, which I’m still a huge fan of today.

syntec international

website: syntec internationalThis client distributed high end audio products, so the design theme chosen was metal and wood. Again, I think it’s a beautiful and serene design, that has some nice simple iconography, with a strong corner oriented placement.

Keeping the home page as the central product hub makes the navigational topography very clean.

austral distributing

website: austral distributingThis is a very old site, predating my use of CSS for typography. I still like it for the design itself though, especially the “products” page.

Even by today’s standards, it’s got that “web 2.0”-ish look to it, rounded corners and all. Really, all it needs is a bunch of superfluous reflections, and to be missing a few vowells from the name.


website: au-trademarksThis site was done quite a while ago, but I think it stands up quite well. It was still in use many years later, which is sortof the point – to make a good design in the first place that doesn’t have to be updated and changed with fashion year after year.

msb credit union

website: msb credit unionThe Maritime Services Board Credit Union site. Hence, the general wharf / jetty theme.

Sadly this site barely made it online before they merged with another credit union and it was mothballed. Once you go into the “products” section it has a really nifty animated menu system. This site also has a completely liquid design, able to resize to any browser window.

It’s a product of its era, in which frames was the only technology that could accomplish the design. Today, a simple CSS technique would achieve the same result.

orana credit union

website: orana credit unionThis design was created for Orana Credit Union. Many years later, I still think it’s a beautifully elegant layout, with the vertically and horizontally opposed icons for primary navigation. The bottom ones are all verb enablers, leading to functions, whereas those on the top are for informational division

The entire design scales to any browser size, and the yellow space on the home page was an adjustable post-it note space for quick news pieces etc. It’s a frames based site, which I wouldn’t do these days, but given when the design was done, that was the sanest technology choice.

bradley’s head

website: bradley's headThis was a student project from an instructional design class. It uses html, flash, & quicktime to deliver a rich-media tourist guide experience.

Yes, the voiceover is cheesy.

zeta internet

website: zeta internetZeta Internet’s site. This was designed and built in 1999 / 2000, so the typography is very raw. The site was designed to have space available below the nav section so that advertising could be inserted.