2022 – Week 25

Web host had a major outage, but they seem to have fixed things.

Found out my local hardware suppliers have stainless steel tie wire, in the diameter I want to use, though not the grade (316). I should be able to use it to do some experiments for bending.

Finally got around to assembling the workshop stool I bought for welding, and used the air compressor to blast out an oil heater we brought back from storage.

2022 – Week 24

Another quiet week, of medical stuff, and a visit from a building inspector who seems to think the water issues with the roof are entirely from the air conditioner. Concluded the week with my web host messing something up, taking all my sites and email offline on a Sunday evening.

2022 – Week 23

Quiet week. MRI scan on Monday. Brought some wire and bits & pieces back from storage to try a proof of concept for a sculpture idea. Feels good to be actually making a thing.

I think I’ve narrowed down the wire I want to buy, such that I’m comfortable buying ~2.5km of it.

2022 – Week 22

Continuing to monitor the air conditioner, it seems to be stable, and not running anywhere near as much, or as hard as it was previously. Though, we haven’t heard back from the second aircon guy, so we’ll probably speak to a third party to get an independent assessment of the situation.

In other news, I updated my workstation setup, with another round of galvanised plumbing pipe construction.

This lifts the display, so my graphics tablet can slide all the way back to the wall, freeing up desk space. Local tile company was kind enough to give me the wall tile (because they don’t charge for singles) the display is sitting on. It’s all mounted with double-sided foam tape, which pads and secures it to the pipework.

2022 – Week 21

Wild weather again – this time, the house lights went out while sitting down to dinner. All the appliances kept running, so going upstairs to investigate the fusebox, I found the safety switch wouldn’t re-engage. Going into my room to check all my gear on the UPS, everything was fine, but coming out to stand in front of the fusebox again, I felt a drip on my head, as water began emerging from the smoke detector. It is wired into the lighting circuit, which is why the lights went out.

So now we have roofing guys, and electricians surveying the damage, and suggestions that chunks of the ceiling are going to have to be ripped up due to mould. The first roofing guy is said there’s no roof damage, and it’s purely due to the aircon puling condensation out of the air. Then we had another roof guy say there is roof damage, and parts of the roof weren’t sealed properly.

End Times never end.

2022 – Week 20

More rainpocalypse and broken sleep, but some good progress made on cleaning up storage.Slowly, and surely, it’s getting done. Things have arrived in the mail, videos from America, a fancy computer light, which isn’t suitable for the job, and will end up having to be returned, which was a shame.

2022 – Week 19

Major breakthrough this week – I solved a huge problem that’s bedevilled me with Capture One – figuring out how to manage window focus with multiple windows.

This lets me really use Capture One as a serious tool, so I spent a bunch of the week watching tutorials on LinkedIn. Thankfully the Qld State Library provides free accounts for LinkedIn Learning – it’s a huge social benefit.

2022 – Week 18

Slowly, and surely we’re making progress on tidying, and reorganising the storage setup. It’s a shocking insight into just how inefficient the use of space was previously, or perhaps how lacking in ambition and tetris-playing we were in organising it. But, things are progressing.

2022 – Week 17

A quiet week, the highlight of which was getting some more sorting done at storage. Things are coming together nicely with that – I’m getting more and more materials into small accessible boxes, and more long-term storage organised, and labelled, so I can find it again.

2022 – Week 16

4th Covid shot. It hit me hard for a couple of days. Had a lot of medical scheduling to do – radiologists deciding just off their own bat to change the procedure I was supposed to have, to one I was not asked to have.

Did some more tidying at my storage facility – it’s shaping up well, things I want close to hand are going to be near the front, things I want in long-term storage at the back.

Went for a drive on the Sunday, wandered downstream of our local water supply, where flood debris is above head height in the trees.