2022 – Week 3

Another quiet one under the faux-dome. Nothing much done this week, most of my my time was spent watching the lizards in the courtyard, which has been a delightful way to spend a week.

One thing I did, was get my bike out for a serious bout of maintenance, including breaking the chain, cleaning every link, and degreasing all the drivetrain components. It’s a very satisfying, zen experience.

2022 – Week 2

Getting into a full week of the new year, and the full horror of how badly the plague has been handled is starting to dawn. I wonder how long it will be before we look with wistful longing back to the dome, and lockdowns.

2022 – Week 1

Post-xmas and new years. The plague has descended, and we are all living in blighted, cursed lands. Made up martinis for the first time, which were wickedly strong.

The baby lizard came back from the wildlife refuge, where he’d been recuperating. We released him into the garden during one of the few sunny days / moments we had. He didn’t want to leave on the first day, but second time around, he ran off into the undergrowth (after being very aggressive, which is I guess your best option when you’re small). Good luck fella.