This is the most popular of the poster images I’ve created, and was done in tandem with Blank for the Sydney Supanova convention in late 2006. The character shown here may or may not make an appearance in the sequel to Surfing The Deathline, Nations.

The initial designs for the character date to 2002 when I was studying animation, during which I created a walk cycle animation of her. During a break from Surfing The Deathline I revived her for a sort of fantasy project, based around the idea of exploring queue rage – hence the name “Cliche”. As I rediscovered my enthusiasm for Surfing The Deathline I shelved the project, but who knows I may still pursue it.

Like Blank, this was a limited printrun of 50, signed and numbered. It’s printed on 200gsm stock, and A3 in size. There’s less than 10 remaining, so if you like it, go visit the store – they tend to sell pretty quickly when I do an event.

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