This poster was produced for the 2007 Sydney Supanova convention. I was a tad uneasy about this one, since it deviated from the thematic elements I’d preferred – angry female characters wielding blunt objects. Still, I’d had a few people asking for images that were less in that direction, a couple specifically asking for some sort of “cyber chick”, and thus, this image. I think this one worked worked really well from a volumetric perspective, and the character has quite a different body type from the other two, far more solid (to my eye, at least).

What I like most about this one is the compositional alignment of the cog with the knees and shoulders.

This image was printed by our new printer and is even more lustrous than the others. Again, it’s a limited run of 50, on 200gsm stock, A3 size and available from the store.

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