Nervous Spaces

On June 22nd, my first solo show opens. It’s an exhibition of photography at St Vincent’s Hospital, in Darlinghurst, Sydney. Works on display are photographs in the 24×36″ range.

2 Replies to “Nervous Spaces”

  1. How long is the show running for? I’d love to check it out!

    Also, I hope you’ll be at Supanova this weekend! I just bounced over here to link my friend to your stuff so we can keep an eye out! Totally understand if you’re too busy with the upcoming show and all, but it would be good to see you, even if only in passing!

    From That Girl From Supanova Who Had Those Creepy Dolls That One (two? three?) Time(s)!

  2. Heyhey, great to hear from you.

    The show runs for a month, so yeah check it out any time, though the opening night would be the best time – there’s free booze :)

    I’m not going to make Supanova – I kinda find it hard to take as just a punter. Plus Saturday I’m going to be getting my hair cut again, which involves hours of bleaching & shaving (heh I look quite different to before).

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