From the first sluice gate in an irrigation ditch, to the modern industrial world, or the vessels of our circulatory system, the valve is a concept that for me, captures a fundamental structure within life.

Its purpose is to restrict or block that which passes through it, yet in doing so, it enables whatever it is restricting. It is an adversity device, the challenge against which successes are measured, the setback against which we aim higher, limitation in all of its forms which inspires our greatest achievements.

This valve is neat, a clean example of industrial-strength control and protection. It supports a corroded pipe, which left in the elements will corrode further, until it is replaced by new sections which can begin the corrosion cycle anew. Looking through the pipe, the half-moon view created by the valve’s partially closed gate, occludes and frames whatever vista the work is oriented towards.

This work is a finalist in the 2012 University of Western Sydney Sculpture Award & Exhibition. The exhibition takes place from May 4th – June 3rd 2012.


  • Painted steel, raw steel & found object.
  • Dimensions h,w,d (approx): 1.6m, 3.4m, 0.8m.
  • For sale  $6000 + delivery.


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