Week 9 of 52

Week 9 saw my second lighting class, during which we worked with studio flashes. This is the really interesting meat of why I’m studying lighting, as it directly relates to the Elinchrom monoblocs I bought.

These are a selection of the setups, experimenting with different attachments for modelling the light.

The downside of this is I’ve realised I need to buy an incident / flash meter. Something I wish I’d known about earlier. There’s a good one available for $180 or so, or $300+ if you buy what’s probably not grey market stock.

The other major development was that my passport finally arrived. So next week, I’ll send it to the American embassy to get a copy verified which can go to the IRS, and get the ball rolling for setting up my iBooks merchant accounts.

Not directly related to ArtStart, but Sculpture By The Sea has changed its crowdfunding rules, so that crowdfunding projects are able to mention SbtS on their pages. The other major bit of news is that it looks like I’m going to be able to buy all the plumbing parts for my SbtS entry direct from China, for substantially less than local retail – under $2k rather than over $9k. This is good, because frankly, the large hardware chains which sell this stuff retail haven’t been too forthcoming in replying to requests for sponsorship.