Surfing The Deathline – Third Dose

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In the near future, homeless, unemployed software codemonkey Eddie has taken a job disrupting a machine intelligence, as a last ditch option to avoid having his organs brutally repossessed over his student debts.

To get the edge he needed, Eddie turned to a powerful neuro-enhancing hallucinogenic – The Deathline, so named for its tendency to kill users. It gave him the edge he needed, but in his triumph, he forgot to heed the warnings about visiting one’s own memory.

Now, he finds himself paralysed in what looks like a hospital room. He can do nothing, as the machine intelligence who ruined his life to this point, offers a terrible deal. Life in a prison of stone, or of his own flesh – a cure in return for his cooperation.

That is, until someone, and a great many somethings, open the door.

Meanwhile, Eddie’s ex-partner is testing her suspicions that her fiancé, their former employer, has been less than truthful about the circumstances surrounding Eddie’s firing. She isn’t liking what she finds.

This book is published in DRM-Free Fixed-Layout EPUB format.

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