2018 – Week 3

Week 3 has been productive. On Monday and Tuesday I was in Brisbane, checking out an L-Bracket and quick release plates for my new tripod. Unfortunately the L-Bracket wasn’t going to work with my Blackrapid straps, due to not having enough room for the connector to screw in. I ended up buying a quick-release plate from Blackrapid, and took the tripod out for its first test run.

Temple, with ferris wheel.
Southbank, Brisbane.

On Tuesday, after a yum-cha breakfast, I took a look around a few camping stores in an attempt to find a low-profile water bottle that would go in the side pockets of my camera bags. Everywhere I went, no options. Finally the salesperson at Paddy Pallin mentioned they knew of one, checked the shelves, and found they had one in stock – a PET plastic hip flask by GSI Outdoors. This is a major win, because round water bottles have been a real thorn in my side for camera bags. This one doesn’t expand the lines of my bag too much, and hopefully won’t stretch out the elastic of the side pockets.

Once I returned home, I couldn’t get the idea of using the L-Bracket out of my head. On Wednesday, I took the Blackrapid connector to a local engineering shop to see if they could modify it on a lathe. They couldn’t, but they suggested checking out Noosa Men’s Shed to see if anyone there could do it.

After my previous sculpture experience, I was reluctant, but pride doesn’t get you anywhere, so I went over on Thursday, and sure enough, one of the guys there checked it out, and said he had a solution.

So, I’ve bought the L-Bracket, and next week I’ll be back over at the Men’s Shed to do the modifications necessary. Once that’s done, I’ll have a good couple of articles to write, covering my developing mobile photo kit.