2018 – Week 4

This week was spent on making projects.

Monday I went down the coast a bit to a plywood merchant who CNC cut the benchtops for my new work tables. They were originally supposed to be 15mm ply, but after I’d paid for the job, they called to let me know they’d discovered the 15mm stock wasn’t up to the necessary quality, so they offered to do them in 18mm for no extra cost.

After a quick revision of the model I’d made, I confirmed everything would work, and gave them the go-ahead.

Once I’d picked the timber up, I checked it with my tape measure, to calibrate the dimensions of all the framing timbers against the tops, and fed those into my cutting list spreadsheet.

Cutting List
Cutting List spreadsheet auto updates the lengths of framing timbers, based on the dimensions of the table-tops.

Tuesday, it was down to Brisbane to use a mitre saw (and pick up my new L-Bracket), with stops at Bunnings along the way to pick up the necessary timber. A couple of hours work, and I had everything chopped up, and ready.

timber cut to size.
DIY flatpack.

Wednesday, I brought in all the newly cut timber, and took some spare timber back to Bunnings. I also went down the coast again to visit a chandlery supplier to try to find a suitable shackle or buckle to create a Blackrapid slider for the strap of my small Lowepro camera bag.

Thursday it was over to the men’s shed, to see if we could get the Blackrapid connector successfully modified on the lathe. Everything was going well until disaster struck, the part became uncentered, and bent. I had a backup part in case something happened, but because of time issues, the guy working on it couldn’t start over that day. It’s going to be ready next week.

Then I hit a snag with the L-Bracket.

3 Legged Thing QR11-LC L-Bracket
3 Legged Thing QR11-LC L-Bracket

The machining on the short arm’s arca-rail was slightly out, which meant that when clamped into the tripod head sized for the long arm, the short arm wouldn’t fit, but when the head is sized for the short arm, the long arm would slide about.

I tweeted this to the company’s official twitter account, and they offered to send me a new one. This brings up what I like most about Twitter, for all its flaws, it allows consumers to put a subtle pressure on companies, by notifying them of problems in a public fashion. For companies, it lets them show off being pro-active about providing good customer service, and standing behind their products, so a win all round.

Thursday night was spent seeing a punk gig in Noosaville, which is all sorts of odd.

Friday, I made some adjustments to my websites, to get everything running under https, and took a file to the L-Bracket to see if I could re-machine the short arm to match the Long’s profile.

L-Bracket and bastard files.
L-Bracket meets The Bastards.

Saturday, the L-Bracket fix was complete. This bracket has a bit more Frankensteining due next week, to enable it to play nice with my re-machined Blackrapid connector.