2018 – Week 9

The week started pretty well, with a group event at the local council chambers, organised by Create Noosa. A bunch of people involved in various forms of tech – VR, AR, photography, robotics and video held a showcase in the council chambers to talk about what we do, how we do it, and what the utility of all our workflows could be.

Wednesday, I had my third TIG welding class, and made some significant progress:

It’s all a matter of learning the muscle memory, and setting up to have a good work-angle, so you can control the direction the weld pool is going to slump into. Also, I’m finding that working at a slightly lower amperage on the arc, which means it’s a little cooler and slower to liquify the material, gives me a bit more time to think and reposition.

Gotta say though, the hand injury I did a while back is still causing problems which I’m having to work around.