2018 – Week 25 (VR Residency Week 3)

Monday this week saw the final proofs for my 3D VR modelling to 3D printing workflow demonstrated.

First small-scale proof print.

It’s still got all of the support infrastructure attached, which is designed to snap off.

Tuesday, I explored some other VR appliations, Kingspray Graffiti is an astounding example of a great app, with a brilliant tutorial. I also made some updates to the model, and cued up a new print…

Guess I’m coming back the next day…

Wednesday, I went in to the makerspace to check up on my finished print. Everything looked OK, though I waited a few days before taking off any of the support structures:

There’s a little roughness around the glasses, where we’re getting into the limits of the printer’s capabilities, and I lost a tip of the collar, but it’s a pretty solid proof of the process. I may cast it into a clear resin block to protect it.

In addition to picking the work up, I also spent a while chatting to a retireee couple who were looking at the makerspace in my capacity as Artist In Residence. I showed them a bunch of VR stuff, and talked about the possibilities, especially for things like rehab and aged-care.

Wednesday night, I edited a video of working in Kodon:

Thursday was a down day, spent on admin, plus a walk by the river, where I met a very friendly duck. Friday, back in to the makerspace to keep looking around at Kodon. Saturday, I dropped in again, primarily to test a couple of things I couldn’t get to work correctly. I joined Steam, and put a couple of messages on their forums, which seem to be the app’s primary support channel, so we’ll see if that gets us anywhere.