2018 – Week 28

My new graphics card arrived this week, however I’m still waiting on a weird cable to connect it to power inside the machine.

I also ordered a bit of photography gear I’ve been interested in for a while – a device that allows remote control of the camera, including live view, from a smartphone app. should make certain situations where I need to be able to focus carefully, but can’t be physically behind the camera, much easier.

The other thing I picked up is a new finishing sander, which I’m going to use to complete my long nesting tables.

I spent some time investigating Capture One, a photographic application that might replace Aperture as my photo library manager, but decided that I can stay on Aperture for another year, given reports are in that it works fine with the next version of macOS.

The big bad news – the constant squeak I’m hearing in my car might be a $40 bearing, that requires $500 in labour to get to, because it’s in the middle of the gearbox. *sigh*