2018 – Week 29

It’s been a bit of a nerd week, tidying around the house, and getting the new graphics card installed and running.

Wow, what a difference it makes. Aperture, my photo management software, is so much faster. I ended the week with an experiment in casting the 3D Print of one of one of my residency projects, into a block of solid resin.

It didn’t seem to go well – despite following the directions, the cast became super hot, scorching the print in places, and then it shattered as it cured. Oh well, lesson learned for next time, I guess.

Things learned along the way:

  • Seal the print first – it’s porous, so material soaked into it, and airbubbles came out, freezing in the resin.
  • The print is less dense than the resin – it kept trying to float ¬†and upend itself. I was so busy trying to hang it correctly, it didn’t occur to me that it might not sit still.
  • Figure out the correct pouring method – we had what I suspect was mixing between layers with differing degrees of curing, which may explain the fracturing, which you could watch progressing in realtime.