2018 – Week 31

Been a bit of an admin week – I sent of the final post-project report on BØN541 v3.0 to the producer of Rent. It details my total investment – $900+ out of pocket expenses, and around $16k in in-kind support.

It didn’t have the greatest of returns on investment, and still no reply to the message, or acknowledgement to thank me, so, lesson learned, I guess.

I’ve also had a bit of a confrontation with an electrical utility who supply power to my father’s former house. Backstory is, I called them up a few weeks back to let them know that their bills wouldn’t be being paid anytime soon, on account of Dad’s accounts being locked for probate. They took all my details over the phone, which they said were just to that I could be added as someone authorised to access my father’s account. They then used this information to open a new account in my name, and transfer billing for the electricity to that account.

So right there, we have identity theft, and fraud.

I filed a complaint with the Ombudsman, and then, still fuming, took to twitter to publicly shame the company. Once a couple of my friends were in on replying and stating their dismay, the power company reached out to me and asked my to direct message them the details so they could resolve it. Total elapsed time, less than it takes to wait on hold to speak to an operator.

Other things… the local arts creative organisation has asked me to volunteer in helping with this year’s High School VR Filmmaking contest, which involves schools from the surrounding 100km or so. It should be interesting to see what high schoolers can do with this tech.

I’ve spent a lot of the week refining my SketchUP model of this compact studio design. It’s coming along nicely, and the continuing practice is making me a better SketchUP operator.

Finally, I published an article that had been sitting idle for a while – on my latest gear hack, connecting a Blackrapid connector to a standard camerabag.