2018 – Week 32

Another VR demonstration this week, this time for local high school teachers, for an upcoming student VR film competition. I’ve been asked to volunteer with helping teach the teachers, and providing support to students, if necessary, s a part of this event.

I also had a video conference meeting with a company in California who does online sales, about trying to get my digital comics onto their platform. The washup of that is that they don’t do the specific part I need a third party to do.

Saturday night, I tried my hand at astro-landscape photography for the first time:

Not too bad as a first attempt, I think.

So that’s the good stuff. The bad stuff is that one of my computer’s two monitors died rather loudly, and now I’m down to a single display. At least having to shop for displays is saving me from fretting over camera bags.

My plan, before this happened, was to but a single 27″ 4k display, and rotate both my 24″ 1200p dosplays onto their sides, to be palette monitors. What I think I’ll do instead, is buy two 24″ 1200p high quality colour accurate displays, and use those in the meantime, until I see what is happening in larger displays in the next year. Along with my car, it’s an expense I didn’t really want right about now, but there’s not much I can do about it.