2018 – Week 50

A broken and confused week, as construction around the house messed with my sleep pattern. Progress continued on the SDL collected version, and on Thursday I had a meeting with the Library to talk about my next Artist In Residence project.

Friday, the replacement rail for my pano head arrived, and it’s a secondhand-looking part, with clear wear & tear. It’s so disappointing to have spent ~$900 on a pano head, then another $35 on postage to get a $15 upgrade because one of the parts wasn’t correct for the job, and now that $50 exchange exercise turns out to look used.

Anyway, the distributor seems to have been willing to sort it out, they contacted the factory in Hong Kong, and they’re going to send me a new replacement once they get it in stock, and I can keep the current one, which means I can shoot in the meantime. It’s all worked out in the end, thankfully.

Sunday weather.