2019 – Week 4

Vale Trevor Ashton.

Uncle Trevor was a great guy. A genuinely nice dude, who helped out with a number of things at critical points in my life. He passed away peacefully on Saturday morning.

On Friday, I had both my car, and bike serviced. The bike service is interesting – mobile folks who come to you. So with the end of the week, I’m going to get back on my bike, after a year off.

Work-wise, this week is the week I cracked the issues for images in the Surfing The Deathline collected edition. It’s been a really interesting series of dead ends negotiating macOS bugs, Affinity Photo bugs, and Photoshop issues. But, it’s finally sorted – all the conceptual problems are solved, and now it’s just down to implementation. So far, I’ve managed to lift the text off the page art in the EPUB version, which paves the way for toggling text on and off, and having a sketch view of the original pencils, with the final dialogue over them.