2019 – Week 5

Most of the week spent on an application to the Swell Sculpture Festival – a big outdoor sculpture exhibition on the gold coast. It’s always interesting, making these – having to revisit your bio and cv. It forces you to keep thinking about who you are, what you do, and why. My goal is to get There. exhibited.

Wednesday night was kebabs on the beach, watching dolphins patrol back and forth, about 10-15m from the shore.

Friday was my late father’s birthday, the first since he died. He would have been 75. The same day, we had an offer on his house, and have accepted it. Hopefully the sale will go smoothly.

I went out to the river mouth, and took a few pics to take my mind off things.

“Warning: Deep Water”

On brighter news, my bike is working wonderfully, and better yet, my knee is working wonderfully. Back when I used to ride every day, my knee would puff up after a ride, and I’d need to ice it down with a bag of frozen pees. Now, though I’m taking it easier on my ride, there’s no after-effects of the exercise. Spending most of a year doing 250 leg lifts every morning to keep my kneecap tracking correctly seems to have helped, and I with my general strength and fitness returning, I can finally get back rebuilding that leg.