2019 – Week 8

Had a bit of a blow for the next VR residency project, the technical person I’d hoped to bring on board isn’t going to fit within the project’s budget. It’s a shame, but after the last year’s set of high stress, low return projects dumped my health into the ground, I think I’m going to play this one a bit less emotionally committed. I’ve presented the idea, handed it over to the people who’ll manage it, I’ll do my part, but I can’t afford to become emotionally involved in it overall.

Locally, it’s been interesting here the past week – the tail end of a cyclone has been hitting us, and beaches have been closed after 40 people were rescued here in one day alone.

Pole in the distance, same one posted 3 weeks ago.

The storm surge has coincided with massive high tides, which have resulted in signs warning of salt water on the roads. It really is a different thing to be living in a glorified marshland.

Normally high and dry, the river mouth sandbar has been completely immersed.


My camera tests are continuing, and I think it’s reached a point where it seems to be pretty reliable, I feel like I’m circling around where the solution may be.