2019 – Week 9

I’ve been accepted into Swell Sculpture Festival 2019.


Not that I should be shocked – I was trained for this, and I have some good works sitting around in storage, just waiting to be seen. However, it’s a thrill nonetheless, and ensures I don’t have a gap in my exhibition record this year. The work I’ll be exhibiting is There. which also has a small companion piece, so I can exhibit in the small sculpture part of the exhibition as well.

The exhibition is in September, so I have some lead time, but there’s some significant work to do – I need to perform some repairs to the work where a weld has popped, and then brace that weld invisibly. I know what needs to be done, I just don’t have the studio space to do it. Hopefully I can convince a local fabrication company to help me with it, in exchange for a sponsorship.