2020 – Week 25

Another week of grant application writing, and continuing to fine-tune my photo management strategy. I am increasingly disappointed in software that seems to ignore the existence of edge-cases.

I mixed up my first batch of cutting oil – buying the squirt bottles with the markers on the side was a stroke of genius, if I do say so myself. I’ve used it a lot over the years, but never actually made any up myself. It’s one of those weird liquids, where the oil is a translucent red, but when you mix it with water, it produces a milky emulsion, that doesn’t separate.

In my photo process, I’ve made a huge discovery as to why some of my Aperture projects don’t import correctly into Capture One, losing their organisational structure:

Turns out the projects that were created by iPhoto, prior to iPhoto and Aperture sharing a common library format, were tripping up the import process, and unable to be read by Capture One’s importer.

The solution, was to just rename the projects in Aperture, even renaming them to the same name seems to do the trick. Obviously a part of the process touches the Project’s metadata in a way that makes it readable by Capture One.