2020 – Week 26

Continuing to work on small bits and pieces, taking a few days of downtime after a grant application. Still reorganising my Aperture library so as to make the migration over to Capture One more effective.

I had a success with scripting Aperture to change the names of projects to a format that’s easier to order, since organising by date is broken. I found a really helpful online community – macscripter.net, and a couple of folks there have been writing up scripts to help with the task.

I spent some time fixing the clothesline, which had been broken by the solar installers – it involved getting out my big swage-crimping tool, and re-crimping a sleeve.

The other big task was getting the bandsaw set up and working – with an initial cut test showing that it should be more than capable of doing all the cuts I need to get my welding cart done.