2020 – Week 36, stART Week 3


  • Called my machinery supplier to try to figure out the bandsaw, as I broke another blade. It really seems like my problems are due to the guide adjustments, which aren’t actually documented anywhere in the owner’s manual.


  • Productive day. The saw worked flawlessly, and cut through the steel like a hot knife through butter. It really seems like the saw works better dry for this gauge of pipe. Had fun interlude as a pair of amorous bluetongue lizards pursued each other around my workspace.


  • Discovered I had actually finished all my cutting yesterday, so ordered some new cover shields for my welding helmet’s window, and grabbed some odds & ends at bunnings.
  • Also, picked up some HDMI cables in preparation for the new display that’s arriving tomorrow.


  • New display arrived, and a loooong day of rewiring my entire computer for a three display setup.


  • Troubleshooting new screen setup. Its not as easy and troublefree as it should be, but it seems to have settled in ok, once I figured out that the physical ports on the graphics card do in fact have to be used in a certain order for things to work correctly.


  • Fired up the air compressor for the first time – everything works great. A little disconcerting that the red zone on the pressure gauges is the normal operating pressure, but that aside, it’s quiet enough to chat next to while running.


  • Down day, but the computer seems stable.