2020 – Week 35, stART Week 2


  • Bandsaw blades picked up from Brisbane.
  • Mountainbiking shorts ordered from Victoria (which involved confirming a sizing guide has mistakenly listed inches as centimetres).
  • Spoke to my welder supplier in NSW and sorted out the plumbing for all the hoses supplied with the machine and regulator.
  • Spent a bunch of time researching mountain bike tyres.


  • Cut, Cut, Cut, Cut. The new saw blade went onto the saw nice and easily, and I was able to get through 7 more lengths.


  • Cutting continued, with 11 more lengths processed. Some real issues came up with the saw, however. Another blade snapped, and it seems to refuse to stay on the drive wheel, slowly working its way off, until it starts cutting into the cover. Each time you need to stop to figure out what’s going on, it requires removing the rear cover, which is 6 screws etc.


  • Partial rest day. Got the last couple of lengths processed, the saw seems to be behaving itself. Got about a third of the chopped pieces labelled with their unique identifiers.


  • Finished labelling the cut sections, and started the process of adding the 45 degree ends to the interior fitout sections. Ran into problems with yet another saw blade breaking. Really not sure if this saw is viable in the long term.


  • Sat by the pool and read a book for a while to get some sun exposure – I think I’ve spent too much time indoors the past couple of weeks. Then went to do battle with the bandsaw. Found a bunch of adjustments that aren’t mentioned in the user manual, and might have gotten it a bit more under control.


  • Sat by the river, ate some takoyaki.