2020 – Week 39

First trial of the new welding helmet, just doing grinding, and it’s fantastic. The cooling air supply keeps you focussed, and the huge bubble grinding shiels provides a view of work that safety goggles can’t approach.

Problematically, the tarp I had over my steel stockpile in the courtyard seems to have trapped moisture under it, so my steel got saturated and has suffered some surface rust. So, I moved it all under an awning, so it would be out of the weather. That was a whole day process – picking up each piece of steel, towel-drying , then cooking the moisture out with a heat gun, before placing it in the new location.

…But it wasn’t out of the weather, the weather came in under the awning, so Wednesday was spent moving the steel a second time – indoors. Now my steel stockpile sits in the loungeroom, on the tile floor. Another day spent towelling down each piece, then heat drying.

Thursday, the org handling my Arts Qld grant got in touch, to say they wanted me to acquit my grant now, rather than waiting for the project to be finished.

Friday, I acquitted my grant, but woke up to a tweet storm, after something I had written a couple of nights earlier reached a critical audience, and suddenly had been retweeted 700+ times.

The weekend was spent working through the washup of all the twitter stuff, and generally taking things easy.