2020 – Week 38, stART Week 5


  • Contacted the stART grant folks to let them know about the issues I’ve had getting the project finished. It’s been difficult, but to my credit, the problems have been things I couldn’t predict, and the solutions have been fairly straightforward.


  • Admin stuff


  • Working on Comics stuff, while I wait for news about my welding helmet. According to the supplier, it will be in tomorrow.


  • Picked up & began setting up the welding helmet. I look like a spaceman.


  • Tidying and admin, with some Q&A over a couple of aspects of the new welding helmet setup.


  • Rest day.


  • Stripped my workstation down to its major components, and took each down to the air compressor to blow all the dust out. Pulled both processors, and the Northbridge heat sink, and reapplied thermal grease to all three. The result? Significantly reduced temperatures in all parts of the machine, and most importantly a reduction in the difference between the Northbridge, and its heat sink – so it’s getting more heat out of the chip and into itself. This has been the biggest disassembly I’ve done on this machine so far, and it all seems to have gone to plan. Each time, it gets a little easier.