2020 – Week 48

I picked up the UPS, and installed it.

The setup could be better in terms of the device’s UI. Part of the configuration wizard involves setting the service-start date for the battery, but whereas most devices with a date function ask for day, month, year as separate values to be input and locked, this device is just a long continuous scroll through dates – you go through all the days in a month, then on to the next month etc.

The result is I set the day correctly, then hit enter, and that locked the date as April, and from then on, not even a restore to factory defaults would give me the option to reset the battery date.

So, a long call to the manufacturer’s support line, where the tech hadn’t actually used this model, because they’ve been working from home for 8 months and haven’t had access to their labs, and we figured out we had to open the unit, remove the battery (while it was still running – it’s designed to do this, but it’s still unsettling when you’re on your own), disconnect the battery leads, reconnect them, and then tell the UPS that this was a new battery. Then, it re-enabled the wizard to set a battery date.

So both I, and the UPS support guy learned something from the experience.