2021 – Week 12

Spent a bunch of time working on the cover for Surfing The Deathline: Full Course. It’s been a long road trying to get to where it is, most of which was spent on an abandoned concept, of redoing Hokusai’s Great Wave in pill logos. But, it required extending the original image, and guess what?

Extending the masterwork, of a master of a artform is REALLY difficult. Whoda thunk it?

So eventually, I gave up, and, looking around in my folder of supporting art made for other things Surfing The Deathline-related, came upon an image I’d created aaaages ago, but kept on using as the background for the SDL website. Unfortunately, I’d forgotten how I achieved it, so most of the week was spent trying to get the right combination of filters on the original set of photos.

Once the background was done, there was the problem of what the “feature” artwork was going to be. It’s difficult, because every individual cover had already featured a main character (or group), and I didn’t want to overly emphasise or double-feature any of the major characters, given the focus shifts throughout the book – the ostensible “main” character at the beginning only speaks in the first two books, thinks only three words in the third book, and is silent for the rest of the series.

As is often the case, thinking the problem out with a pencil was the solution. I started doodling, and the answer built itself – the four main speaking characters, arranged as a lineup, with poses that speak to their personalities. The front cover featuring Eddie & Jan, the back, Blank and The Dealer.