2021 – Week 42

Went for a midweek jaunt to Brisbane to check out the Masters From The Met exhibition. It was a blast seeing in person, works I’ve seen in textbooks for years. An hour queue to get in, so I decided to buy a membership, figuring I should at least do that as a part of being an artist – and frankly the QAGOMA is such a fantastic institution, I’m glad to contribute.

Their policy or welcoming people to bring cameras is in stark contrast to the Victorian NGV’s po-faced killjoy attitude of “no professional cameras”. Then again, calling themselves a “national” gallery of a state is just the sort of thing you’d expect.

2021 – Week 41

The ramp arrived. I haven’t had a chance to get it out and test it, but no doubt it’ll be the thing I need.

I bought a new mouse, after enduring a frog-boilingly slow degradation in performance in the old one as various things started failing over time – menus not showing mouseover states, buttons letting go while remaining pressed, doubled clicks etc.

Possibly the highlight of the week, my favourite lizard, Monch, turned up again, after I thought he’d been killed on the road a few months ago.

2021 – Week 40

After assembling the welding cart over the weekend, I realised getting it over the steps, when laden with the welder and gas bottle etc was just going to be too difficult, not to mention dangerous. So, I went looking for ramp wedges to sit in front of the step, so I could roll stuff in and out.

Unfortunately, the step is 120mm, whereas all the off-the-shelf wedge type ramps max out at 100mm. Then, I found a solution, which is a folding aluminium gangway type ramp, designed for wheelchair access. It’s a serious piece of kit, costing a couple of hundred dollars, but will do the job superbly.

Another achievement for the week was updating the Surfing The Deathline website, to put a separator between the Full Course collected edition, and the single issues. There’s a nifty responsive design thing where the separator changes from a vertical to horizontal line when the grid of lines becomes a single column.

2021 – Week 39

Managed to find a local supplier for a welding cart that can fit my welder. This has been one of my bugbear issues – so many manufacturers of industrial gear, especially when it requires assembly, list dimensions of the package it comes in, or the dimensions of the assembled product, but not the dimensions that are actually important – how large the shelves are, what at the clearances between parts, etc.

Thankfully one of the guys at a local industrial tool supplier was able to open a package, and run a tape measure over the appropriate part, and get the measurements. So, fingers crossed it’ll all work.

2021 – Week 38

Launched the new Golgotha Graphics store, to a resounding “meh” – sold one copy in the first week, and ironically, that’s probably going to net me as much in profit as all the sales I’ve had on Apple Books over the years I’ve been there.

But, I don’t care, because I’ve done my part – I’ve met the market with all its demands – it’s DRM-Free, it can be bought on any device, read on any device, has free updating, even has a low-bandwidth version so it uses less storage space.

From here on, it’s just audience apathy that will determine how few sell.

2021 – Week 37

A productive week, I managed to get a whole bunch of issues sorted with my workflows for producing JPEG compressed versions of Surfing The Deathline. So successful was this, that I was able to get JPEG versions of all my comics produced, and uploaded to the new FastSpring store.

Much of the rest of the week was spent working on a long blog post for the Golgotha Graphics site, describing the rationale for the move to independent publishing. All in all, I’m happy with it ias a piece of writing – there was a lot of annoyed ranting that had to be edited down, to produce something that was clear and businesslike. Tomorrow, I’ll have another look, and see if I can improve it.

2021 – Week 36

New tyres on the car – in addition to a new battery, because sitting idle for a month, apart from moving forwards & backwards in the driveway, drained and then killed said battery.

On the upside, I managed to rescue my image processing pipeline, actually I managed to improve it. It’s a bit slower, but the results are better.

There was one hiccup with uploading it to the new store, but once I get the support folks to sort that, it’ll be live.

It feels like this week marks the end of a long, miserable dark patch, and hopefully things are looking up.

2021 – Week 35

Well a difficult week – Managed to get all of Surfing The Deathline completed and on the shop, then discovered a problem with it, and THEN discovered that my whole book production scripting system had fallen on its head, and nothing was working any more.

It started out with images not scaling the same way they had from Photoshop, then because images having a trnasparent 1 pixel border around them, then became Photoshop taking 10x as long to render each image.

Maddening, truly maddening.

2021 – Week 34

My fastspring store is all online and seemingly working, and I’ve been updating some of my original photographic eBooks. Nervous Spaces is already live on both the Apple Books store, and my Fastspring store, and Derby Daze Squareformat & Volume 1 are being converted and updated.

2021 – Week 33

The backup transfer was a success. It took 4 days, 21 hours, which is better than the 13 or so days required a couple of years ago. Once it was complete, I was able to put the new drive into its new case, hook it all up, and reconnect the drive to the backup system:

  1. Switch off automatic backups.
  2. Add the drive in the time machine  prefpane
  3. terminal
    1. Inherit the backup:
      sudo tmutil inheritbackup /Volumes/(The Backup Drive)/Backups.backupdb/(The Computer's Name on the Backup Drive)
    2. Associate the Boot Drive:
      sudo tmutil associatedisk -a / /(the path to the the last backup of the boot drive on the backup drive)
    3. Associate each backed-up non-boot volume:
      sudo tmutil associatedisk -a /Volumes/(Non-Boot Disk) /(The path to the most recent backup of the Non-Boot Disk)
  4. Open a terminal window and start recording the TMUtil log output:
    1. log stream --style syslog --predicate 'senderImagePath contains[cd] "TimeMachine"' --info
  5. Run a Time Machine backup manually and watch the terminal log to make sure each part of the backup is being connected correctly. Look for Inheritance Scans and watch the sizes of the backups, to make sure it’s not doing complete fresh backups.