2021 – Week 25

Hard to believe that after weeks of looking online, I was able to secure a new XBox SeriesX from my local retailer.

Most of the week thereafter, was taken up with trying to figure a way to remove the old XBox 360 from its mount under the desk, and create a mounting system for the new console.

This was yet another opportunity to play with PVC pipe, especially now there are non-plumbing structural connectors, which allow for the sorts of joints you’d never build with a fluid-specific connector.

The goal was to build a sort of roll cage for the console to sit in, that could be mounted on a VESA arm, but which the console could be taken out of for transport.

console cage
Green undercoat, prior to white topcoat.

I’m pretty happy with the result, which should allow the heavy console to be lifted out, and slid in without removing a strong grip.